Dr Philip Cumpston

M.B.B.S. (SYD), F.A.N.Z.C.A., F.C.I.C.M., F.F.A.C.E.M.

Visiting Senior Specialist Anaesthetist

Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland


I am duty bound and committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and of patient confidentiality. We all adhere to the ASA Code of Medical Ethics.

This is an extensive document covering many areas too extensive to list here however if you wish to read it for yourself, it can be found at https://ama.com.au/ama-limited-privacy-policy

Anaesthetists do not usually keep extensive patient medical records of our own. Almost all that is written about you from a clinical point of view including the record of your anaesthetic itself is contained in your medical chart at the hospital in which you are treated. If you wish to access your medical records you would need to contact the Medical Records Department at the hospital concerned.There is of course some information that is collected from you in the routine course of  business. These details include your name, address and contact numbers, Medicare number and health fund particulars. In addition, the hospital usually asks you to complete a health questionnaire which does give some background information on your general medical condition.The details that you give are private and will not normally be revealed to anyone else at all. Occasionally however circumstances may arise where it is lawful and reasonable to share part of your details with a third party. For example, in an emergency details of your medical condition may be shared with another doctor involved in your care. Likewise in the case of an unpaid debt it may be necessary to provide a credit collection agency with your financial details – though in this circumstance no information about your medical condition would be divulged. It is your right to request a copy of any information about you held on record and to demand corrections be made if any part or parts of the information are inaccurate. If you have any queries regarding the records kept, the privacy policy or any other matter please contact me .


Throughout my long caree in anaethetics, intensive care and emergency medicine, I have always done my very best to practice medicine with the highest standards commensurate with the code of conduct as published by the Medical Board of Australia.

Privacy and Code of Conduct